Quality Tools = quality work!

Tape measure, scissors, or tailors ham? Or rather good quality pins, skirt meter or marking pen? You'll find them all here...

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Fine quality pattermaking paper

This is our TOP-seller! Thick enough to resist tearing and transparent enough to look through.

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Clothes makes the person and interlining makes the clothes

With our interlining range you'll make a beautifull piece! Choose ons or order a sample for a test.

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Beauty VoF

Quality for Fashion Makers with Ambition


Beauty voF - Quality for Fashion Creators with Ambition


New - - - SERAFLEX FANTASTIC ELASTIC sewingthread - - - New

Seraflex fantastisch elastisch naaigaren

Exelently suitable as sewingthread for lingerie, sportswear and outer wear like T-shirts. For all stretchy fabrics. When you use this thread for sewing straight seams you'll get an extendable seam that stretches up to 65%! 

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We like to sell quality products because that gives you the best result, that's why our motto is:

Quality for Fashion Makers with Ambition

Therefore we sell:
- Vilene interlining, the real kind by Vilene
Amann Group Mettler threads like Seralon, Serafil etc.
- YKK zippers like concealed zippers
- Clover and Prym: tools, closures etc.
- and more

Most of our products have TIER PRICES, We've done this especially for our business customers. Tier prices means if you buy more, you pay less.
Click on the product to view the tier prices.

Service and quick delivery are two of our bulletpoints.
That's why you will see whats in stock in our shop, you, as the customer can see which products are available imediately.
One of our unique services is that you can call or app and get your answer right away. (on business days) For example: which type of interlining do I need for my garment, can I order you something etc.
You can also order by telephone if you wish.

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