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Tape measure, scissors, or tailors ham? Or rather good quality pins, skirt meter or marking pen? You'll find them all here...

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Fine quality patternmaking paper

This is our TOP-seller! Thick enough to resist tearing and transparent enough to look through.

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Clothes makes the person and interlining makes the clothes

With our interlining range you'll make a beautifull piece! Choose ons or order a sample for a test.

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Summersale 2022

On to a summer filled with discounts!

We kick off with:

  • Amann Mettler sewing thread in May - 10% discount

  • Followed in June by: Interlining - 15% discount

  • In july there are a lot of sewing tools on offer - 10% discount

  • Last but not least in august: Made to measure with scale rulers, sewing tapes and rulers on sale - 10% discount

Every month you will find a special SALE category in the shop.
In this category all discount products are included. From the 25th of the previous month you can check it out and pick your items to put on your wishlist in your account. A preselection so to speak.

All offers are available while stock lasts. So do not wait too long, or it will be gone...

More information?

Read the page abount the summersale 2022 or check out the SALE category of this month (in the menu).
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